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PPPOE universal connector

Oct 16, 2012 at 8:18 AM
Hello, I'm currently writing a program which should define the windows version (xp or win7) and create pppoe connection. i already figured out thatdll's are not compatible with different systems. in my project i've created 2 different classes - one for xp connection with dotras.dll for xp in reference and other class for 7 connection withdotras.dll for 7 and reference to it. But after compilation an error occures, saying: "explicit type conversion (from one dll to another)". i'm quite a rookie in handling with dll's which have same names and namespaces. Could you help me or point to example which realizes multiOS compatibility?
Oct 16, 2012 at 5:00 PM

It sounds like you don't need to use both the Windows XP and Windows 7 versions of the DLL. You only need to use them if you want to make use of features specific to that version of Windows. In your post, you said you only need to do PPPoE connections. Since that was first introduced in Windows XP, you only need to use the WINXP flavor of the assembly. However, if you also want to make use of SSTP VPNs, while still supporting Windows XP (which Windows XP doesn't support SSTP VPNs) you need to work out yourself how you plan to make that happen. Your build and release process will be very specific to your environment, and isn't something I can be of much help on.

However, based on what you said about supporting PPPoE connections, you should have no problem just using the WINXP flavor of the product.

You might want to read the 'Choosing your Build' section in the provided CHM documentation. It gives an in-depth look to which features are supported by which operating systems along with DLL backwards compatibility and why it does not work.

- Jeff