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Error on DotRas application on XP

Jul 5, 2011 at 3:09 PM
I'm courrently developing an app to send data to a server throu a ras connection. I'm useing .net 4 in Visual Studio 2010 (c#)

The machine i'm developing is a w7 64x.

Testing on this machine all is OK, Ras starts, sends and ends and also receives events when started/stopped from outside the app.

Then I take the .exe and put on a XP sp2 machine.

With dll found in build folder it doesn't start al all with no messages.

I try to copy others dll but the only one that allows the app to start is in W7 for .net 4 folder.

but when the app tries to open ras arises this message:

DotRas.RasException: Dimensione della struttura non corretta. (incorrect structure dimension)
in DotRas.Internal.RasHelper.Dial(String phoneBookPath, RASDIALPARAMS parameters, RASDIALEXTENSIONS extensions, RasDialFunc2 callback, RASEAPF eapOptions)
in DotRas.RasDialer.InternalDial(Boolean asynchronous)
in DotRas.RasDialer.DialAsync()
in DYSender.FMain.RasConnect()

What can I do??

Please help me, it's a critical application.

Thank U very much!!

Paolo Borlandi
Jul 5, 2011 at 8:37 PM

You're the 2nd person in a week that has got that error because of failing to read the documentation. Read the discussion found:

They were adding an entry to a phonebook and you're dialing an entry, but the reason for the error remains the same.