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Disconnection event arguments error

When used RasConnectionWatcher to watch connection change events, if i want to record connection duration when disconnect event arises, will be encountered an error. private void Watcher_Disconnec...

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Cant find Pre Shared key option

DotRas doesn't have a Pre Shared key option in V1.3 anymore. Is there a fix for this? also could someone provide a sample code if it actually does still work?

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DialCompletedEventArgs,RasConnectionEventArgs,StateChangedEventArgs Does not work Properly on Win10

All the event hadlers like DialCompletedEventArgs,RasConnectionEventArgs,StateChangedEventArgs are not working proprly in Win10 Machine. Event(Connected,Disconnected,Error) is capturing some times...

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Windows XP error

Hello. I'm using DotRas with C# for creating and editing entries in phonebook. In Win7 it works fine, but if I try it on WinXP machine, while I try to open existing phonebook I get exception "An i...

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It does not work perfectly on windows 10

It throws DotRas.RasDialException on Windows 10 64bit. Any guy has patch?

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The system could not update the phone booke file

hey,I write down a multi-threads connect vpn program using c#.When i debug this program,it's give me this error "RasException was caught:The system could not update the phone book file".How to fix ...

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Windows 7 IKEv2

Hi, I don't seem to be able to connect to IKEv2 on windows 7 when attempting to dial a new entry. If I manually connect the new entry with the windows UI, I can then dial that connection programm...

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ArgumentOutOfRangeException when changing RasConnectionWatcher.Handle

ArgumentOutOfRangeException Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index Here is stack-trace Module "DotRas.RasConnectionWatcher",...

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DotRAS phone book add entry BUG

I am working with DotRas version 1.3.5166 (the latest version from codeplex) and it seems that I have found a severe bug =(( I am trying to add a new entries in the rasphone.pbk that I had created...

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Add SaveChanges method to RasPhoneBook

Need to change the RasPhoneBook class to add a SaveChanges method which will also likely remove the RasCollection currently in use.

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