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Windows XP error


I'm using DotRas with C# for creating and editing entries in phonebook. In Win7 it works fine, but if I try it on WinXP machine, while I try to open existing phonebook I get exception "An incorrect structure size was detected".
If phonebook doesn't exists I can create it by open("some_path") method but I can't add new entry there, got same exception.
After I create new phonebook, I can't do anything (including opening) with it.

I found the solution by getting DotRas version from nuget for WinXP. The latest version on codeplex can't work on WinXP properly/


mogikanin wrote Jul 11, 2016 at 3:16 PM

Yes, DotRas binaries is platform depended. You have to use different dlls for XP, Vista and Win7+