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Compilation Instructions

ATTENTION: You will need the .NET Framework 4.0 and .NET Framework 4.0 SDK installed to build the project as of change set 57678.

When compiling the project you have two choices:
1) Directly reference the project in your solution
2) Build a non-official release and reference the compiled output in your project.

If you wish to directly reference the project, you can change the conditional compilation symbols on the project Build tab to change which operating system to build. If you would rather use a pre-compiled assembly, simply open a Visual Studio command prompt (it ties into MSBuild so a normal command prompt will not work) and run the make.bat/make.cmd at the root of trunk or the branch you wish to build. When prompted, select the non-official release, official releases require more things to be installed than you may have along with a specific strong name key and authenticode certificate. The output assemblies will be located in the .\Output\Bin folder relative to where you decompressed the project once the build process has finished.

To change the strong name key being used to sign the assembly you'll need to modify this value in the make.bat/make.cmd file:

If you wish to set your own authenticode certificate, you can set the certificate file property:

These paths can be either a relative or absolute path. NOTE: The key used for official releases is not the same key included with the project. This keeps the official releases separate from releases done by others that are published or put into production.

To skip unit tests during the build, supply the /skiptests switch.
To skip documentation generation during the build, supply the /skipdocs switch.
To skip packaging during the build, supply the /skippack switch.

For additional information on strong naming assemblies here are some links:
Strong-Named Assemblies
Strong Name Tool (Sn.exe)

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