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Compact DotRas

Jul 30, 2009 at 2:32 PM

Hi Jeff; I realize you probably don't have time to work on the WinCE/Windows Mobile version of DotRas. However, some colleagues of mine are potentially interested in such a item. I looked at the source code to the "regular DotRas" in an attempt to figure out what would be involved in porting it ourselves. I soon realized it is not as simple (apparently) as one might hope. Do you happen to have any notes or thoughts on this project? I do not know what our policy is here on contributing code to OSS products, but it is possible that with a little "boost" we could do some of the porting ourselves and contribute it. (It is also possible we won't need said boost, but ...)

Jul 30, 2009 at 3:03 PM

I had actually planned on doing it myself as well, I've already registered a DotRasCF project on here for it. I just didn't realize how much time I'd be investing in this project!

I did some research before (maybe 2-3 hours) and it sounded like you're not supposed to be hooking directly with the RAS API on there like you do on Windows. I believe you're supposed to hook to the Connection Manager APIs on mobile devices. One of the biggest issues I had the last time I attempted it was the marshalling of structures since the Marshal.PtrToStructure and Marshal.StructureToPtr methods do not exist. You have to come up with something yourself, or read and write directly to pointers for the members of the structures.

This project has been over a year in development, and I'm sure you've seen how far it has come since you've been around since the beginning. At some point I still intend on building a compact version of this project for Windows Mobile, I just have a few more things I want to accomplish with this one before I can start development on the compact version. Primarily finishing up the RasDialer to handle prerequisite entries (which I imagine will be coming in the 1.2 release), and what I'm working on right now is integration of the product with Visual Studio / Eclipse using WiX to create a deployment package for the 1.1 release.