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Another long shot - perhaps DotRas connected, perhaps not

Apr 7, 2011 at 6:07 PM


As part of my project we write various "device support DLLs" for each of the cellular modems, etc. that we use so they can maintained and deployed independent of our transmission application. These wrap enable and disable code, detection code, etc. To avoid the nasty phonebook problems I discussed a while back, this also includes an "Update" function which performs the phonebook nonsense. We've been working on support for a particulary annoying device and carrier and find that sometimes - at least on the testing machines, if not the dev one I have, that the CLR itself can crash somewhere in the update call. Since this uses DotRas to update the phonebook entries, I figured I'd ask if anyone has ever encountered such a problem: it is described in KB981574, and somewhat more clearly (to devs, anyway) in the earlier KB963676. The latter is technically superseded by the other, but ...

I note that none of our machines seem to have the update to fix this problem so it seems to be a matter of luck whether the problem happens or not; even in the testing machine case sometimes one gets the error described (which is how we found the articles) sometimes it just crashes silently.

The new device uses an SDK *service* (stupid, but what you can do) to do some stuff we need with the appropriate carrier - I am wondering if a failure there might be it too - but thatès irrelevant, just thought I'd pass along my other thoughts - also if anyone has used this U547 from Novatel, they can chime in with anything too I guess. (Or email me, through the CP system if it is too cluttered here.)